.dat-shm, .dat-wal in user\AppData\Roaming\eMClient

Does anyone know what to do with these .dat-shm and .dat-wal files that have suddenly appeared in my user\AppData\Roaming\eMClient folder?  There are 33 new files, one .dat-shm and one .dat-wal file for each regular eMC file, plus an empty file called “check_db.txt”.  This may be related to archiving messages and deleting them from eMC to reduce the size of the database which was approaching 2GB.  I couldn’t use the eMC Archiving feature because my messages are all filed in subfolders, so I transferred older messages to sub-folders on my computer using “File > Save As” and then deleted them from eMC.  I’d like to know what the .dat-shm and .dat-wal folders are, and whether I can delete them without wrecking eMClient.

Hello Virginia,
dat-shm and dat-wal are tempporaty files that store changes in your database. After the changes are saved properly, they should disappear on their own when the application is closed correctly. Do not delete them on your own as that could corrupt your database.