Dark Themes all show white msg Lists

I am very new here and must first say this is one great place for help…I hope One day I may be a “Helper”…

I have tried a number of dark themes…I LIke the black or very dark themes with grey message list…but all themes I have tried show message lists as white except “Less Dark by Eisbaer”…I have tried changing HTML/Plain, and have changed "Use theme color etc…but can’t seem to get themes to use grey background in the message list when these themes show black background with grey lists…I use Ver. 8.2.1473

Any help will be very appreciated…

I use the default dark theme and am not seeing “white message lists”. Mine are ALL black background with white font.

Can you post a screen shot to show the “message list as white”

As for settings, this is what mine looks like… right or wrong this works for me and the default dark theme.

I have been using the default dark theme as well…then I saw some dark themes on the forum with gray message lists and liked them but when I tried them, the message lists were white…One theme maker listed thumbs in the download of his themes so you could see what to expect but while the thumbs show colored backgrounds on the message list, the actual DL shows white in each case…So I have thought it must be a setting that I don’t have right…but not sure now…Both the default dark theme and the downloadable Less dark theme both show dark message lists…

I’ve never used the Theme Editor nor had reason to, but you may want to do some experimenting.

Yes…and thanks for your help…

Which Theme are you asking about @Ponder?

If it is a user created Theme listed on the forum, what is the link?


Those are really old user created Themes and may not be compatible with eM Client 8.2 because much has change in the UI since then.

Understand…thanks for checking for me…

viernes 30 julio 2021 :: 1800hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Ponder

As @Gary said the Themes from @Everplex date back to 2015 and although they will load, they probably will not display correctly.
I am guessing you don’t know, there is an eMC site with a selection of Themes created by a number of eMC users, myself included, they are all free to download, it’s at:

If you need any specific help ask, and if I can help I will.

¡Mis mejores deseos y mantente a salvo!



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Hi Skybat…Thanks so much for helping me figure some of this out…I just installed Compucall and what a nice bit of work you did…It looks great and works perfectly…Thank you again…Ponder