Cutomize theme

can somebody tell me where in the theme xml file I can change white text by black one, when I make a selection with mouse. I made a search in Notepad+, but there too many yellow and white color.

The section you are looking for is but I don’t see an option to change the text when selected.

I changed my mouse highlight on mail windows to light orange  here is where I made the changes.
First backup your xml before changing and see what values are at these locations.

FOCUSED COLOR  on mail window

It is in the theme file. You can have a look going in eMClient : “Menu > Tools > Settings. In the “Settings” window navigate to the “Appearance” group. Open the subgroup “Themes”. Hit the button “Import…”.
navigate to the location of the “*.emtheme” file, select the file,  and klick “Open”.
Once the file is on your computer open it with Notepad+

Edit:  this message was a reply to Gary Curtin

Thank you Richard. But with with light orange I don’t see the text! Do you know where to have black tex instead of white?

Hello again,
here is the theme I use

If I understand  you   you want the mouse to make the letters white ?

    black letters on mouse select

    white letters on mouse select

#000000   black    #ffffff   white

I would like black letters allways. When I select I have orange background. The problem for me is to read white letters on orange background :slight_smile:

Reverse the change for the letters    
Now you have black letters  orange background

What color do you want for background   ??? 

Orange background is ok . #ffa500