Cut and paste option not working in the new Emcleint popup password prompt window

After the new upgrade, I was re-prompted the password. Since my account was with google, I have a App Password. A password window popped up but I am not able to do cut and paste in the password line. This is a big issue if you gave an app password or a longer password. Please enable paste option in the password prompt window of Emclient.

Hello, app-specific password does not apply to this window, Google has changed the authentication method completely so to authenticate using your gmail account using eM client, make sure to use your regular password.

The authentication method was improved in eM Client based on the shutdown of the support for the regular password authentication, however the solution is more secure then the previous app specific solution which was the more secure option between a regular password and app specific password, so the option is replaced completely, allowing you to comfortably access your account.

Hope this helps.