Customizing my Contacts List

I am a fairly new user of eM Client.
I have just imported all my contacts details from a spreadsheet (.csv file), which is fine.
But I have two issues:
  1.  I would like to sort by category and then by surname, but it seems from other posts that
    this is not possible; if so, that is a major downside for me.  Can you confirm whether
    or not it is possible to sort on two columns, as with a spreadsheet?  Or is there some
    other work-around to achieve same result?
2. I cannot get gridlines to appear in my contacts list, or alternate row colours.
    I have set above in the appearance options, but they do not seem to work with
     the contacts list – am I missing something?
Thanks for any help you can provide.   Ken.

In 7.1 (beta), there is a secondary sort capability.  In the list view, right-click on a column header and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the sort selection list and a “secondary sort” menu option will appear.

The gridlines/alternate bar colors do work, but are nearly inviable to obvious depending on the theme you are using.  Try playing with the themes and see what is best for you.

By the way, if you are not using the 7.1 beta, beta 2 was just released and it seems VERY good.

Thanks for prompt reply.
I am on version 7.0…, so will download 7.1 beta and investigate.  Seems it will do what I require.
Will post result when I’ve tried it.
On gridlines/alternate colours, you are right; when I choose another theme they are visible.
Many thanks for your help.    Ken.

Hi Again,
I have gone to the eM Client website and downloaded the latset free version, and installed it.
The version number is now   7.0.30068.0
So this is clearly not 7.1 beta.
Can you advise me where on the website I can find a download for 7.1 beta2 ?
Many thanks,   Ken.

Hi Again,
I have just found the version 7.1 download, and tried to install it.
Windows (10) reports a problem – part of installation did not take place.
And when I try to open, nothing happens!
So I will revert to 7.0 for now, but would appreciate advice on installing 7.1.
Thanks,   Ken.