Customized Toolbar settings be enabled in the settings.xml file


I would like to request that the ability to save customized Toolbar settings be re-enabled in the settings.xml file when exporting settings from eM Client.

The ability to do this seems to have existed prior to v9 but now no longer works.

This is very frustrating when trying to roll out eM Client to multiple computers and then having to manually configure toolbar settings on each installation one at a time.

If this cannot be re-added, can an explanation why it is not possible be provided? Or some other work-around to be able to do this?

Kind Regards,
Dave Thurlow.
Simplified IT Services Ltd.

The settings.xml from the export is the settings from Menu > Settings that have changed from the default. They don’t include preferences like window positions, column widths, customised toolbars etc. We did not include those in the settings.xml for version 8 either.

If you want to copy the preferences other than those in Menu > Settings, you can setup eM Client the way you want it then make a backup using Menu > Backup. That will create a complete snapshot of the database including all settings and preferences. Then just restore that to the target device using Menu > File > Restore. It will completely replace the database, so it is something you want to use as an initial setup only.

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