Customized Template Not saved after shutdown?

I was using the Mystic template and edited the scroll bar to “TRUE” using notepad and saved it! Then I imported the template, applied the new template and saved it! The scroll bar is now correct - is now wider, but when I shut my PC down, the template loose it’s colors and the scroll bar reverts to “narrow.” I looked to see if my new template was there - no longer there? It was applied and saved. Why does it dissappear and have to re-import my template every time after shutdown??? Doesn’t make any sense? If it was saved and applied it should still be there afer shutdown or restart? Any idea???

Go to Menu > Settings > Appearance > Themes and scroll down to the end of the list. Select your imported theme and click Apply > OK.

Restart eM Client to confirm.

That is exactly what I have done. When I boot up in the morning and launch eM Client, the template is no longer there even though it was saved and applied on the previous day?

To understand if there is a step missing, this is what I did.

  1. Open the Theme Editor and edit theme.

  2. Save.

  3. In Menu > Settings > Appearance > Themes, click on Import.

  4. Once you have imported your new theme, scroll to the very end of the list and select it.

  5. Click Apply/OK.

After I restart eM Client, the selected theme is still displayed.

Yes, exactly! If your read my notes that is exactly what I did. But as mentioned before, the theme is no longer there, not able to select it after restart. I need to repeat the procedure on a daily basis. Import, go down on the list, select, apply and click on OK You should only have to do this once and it should stay as a selected theme permanently. But that is not happening. Too bad the theme does not come with a broader scroll button. What is the point of having a theme with such a narrow scroll bar. Just creates frustrations for all users.

There was a thread some time back with a similar issue. I recall the problem was that the theme file had an error, and therefore eM Client was not loading it after restarting.

Maybe you can delete the edited theme file, then do the edit again on a fresh file and see if there is any difference.

Sorry, I haven’t replied because I have been monitoring the issue. Since the last time (4days ago) with my edited template on Apply/OK, it has been working fine!

Hopefully it will continue?

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