Customizable skins/colors

We would like to prepare customizable skins/colors for most parts of eM Client, what do you think?

That would be great. I have a question,…my skin is blue, but when I see screenshots of 2.5, it’s not blue. How do I change it?

The colors of eM Client automatically adjust to match the system theme.

this would be good, also if you could change the theme just for eM client would be great also… i know there is addons for VS like krypton tools that can supply ready made solutions like a outlook black theme

Unfortunately tools like Krypton solve only half of the problem for us. We have several custom controls (the left bar, calendar, the data grid used to show mails, task, contacts and agenda view, etc.) that must be themed too. Nonetheless we will try to implement some support for themes, it may just take a while.

What kind of file extension/stucture are emclient themes stored?