Custom fields in contacts, other than phone fields

I note that apart from being able to add custom fields for the phone, it is impossible to add custom fields anywhere else or am I missing something? This is hugely important for me. I didn’t realise this when paying for the application.

If such a facility is there I would be very grateful if anyone could point that out to me. If it isn’t, then my purchase of the application is, regretfully, of no value to me.


In 8.2 eM Client will only display fields that your provider supports syncing.

What custom fields are you hoping to add, and who is the provider?

I’m not sure what you mean by provider.
Am I correct in assuming you mean syncing with, for example gmail contacts?

I am using my contacts as standalone local address book without any syncing. I have no need to sync.
I need to add chidren’s names and their dates of birth. Similarly for the spouse.
I can enter the name of a single child and that’s it.

This is just one example. I find the contacts design quite restrictive.

Yes, that is what I mean - syncing with a provider like Google.

But for local contacts you can add children and spouse, and add some other details that fit in the field. Just click on the Add Personal Details if you don’t see the fields.

Hi Gary,
Thank you for suggesting

Hi Gary,

Thank you for suggesting a work around. But I was really thinking in terms of how the iMAC address book
has the option of adding “Other Field” that one can customise with custom name. As far as I know, this exists only for Addresses. eM Client has been around for some time now and I am surprised that they haven’t thought of adding this very useful feature that brings flexibility to the user experience.
kind regards

Slight clarification:
"As far as I know, this exists only for Addresses in eM Client3