Custom Archive folder/ shortcut to move to certain folder per account

I just switched from thunderbird where I had three mail accounts (1x IMAP, 2x gmail). For structure in my mails, I archive them by year. Therefore I had a parent folder in each thunderbird account “archives” with subfolders for each year. I could use the shortcut “a” in each account to automatically move the selected mail into the custom archive folder because you can set a custom archive location in thunderbird.

How can I keep this flow in eM client? If I can not set a custom archive folder, it would be enough to have a custom shortcut per account which would move the selected mail into a certain folder (e.g. Archives/2023).


There are two types of archiving in eM Client.

  1. Server-side archiving. This method uses a folder on the server (usually in cheaper storage) designated as a special archive folder to store messages you manually archive. You do that by selecting the message and clicking on the Archive button, or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A. This method is dependent on your server providing server-side archiving. If it doesn’t, there won’t be the option in eM Client. Also as this is a special folder designated by the server, you can’t use a custom folder. With Google hosted accounts, server-side archiving is a little different. The messages are just left in the All Mail folder.

  2. Automatic Archiving. This method runs on a schedule, and moves older messages off the server to a duplicate set of local folders on your device, maintaining the folder structure of the originals. Its purpose is primarily to reduce server storage space.

You can find out more about archiving in the Documentation (F1)

thanks for the reply, so em client does not support this flow which is possible in thunderbird?

I’d need a custom archive folder (for each account) or a shortcut to move selected mail to a specified folder (for each account). Can I add a feature request for this?

I’ve asked this question many times and you always get the answer

It’s a mystery to me why nobody is interested in it

Custom archive folders are not supported because the folder is specified by the server. Usually they use cheaper storage for that folder and don’t include it in your normal space allowance.

Ask your email provider if they can support a custom folder location. Maybe they can.

Otherwise, the Archive button will move the message to the archive folder specified by your email provider. We call that folder Archive.

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but it would be so easy to create a rule that you can move e.g. emails from or older than to another email account
thunderbird allows that and works really well
with this you could also use a local email archive, e.g. like me on the diskstation

Rules only apply automatically to new unread messages as they arrive in your Inbox. Because of that, there is no age argument available in Rules, so that is not possible.

doesn’t have to be automatic, you can also start it manually, like with the rules