Cursor in mail writes entry backwards .... very strange!

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suddenly - and out of the blue - I can’t write mails forward but backwards (see picture). I don’t have any clue about this issue. Did I activate wrong keys or shortcuts? But anyway: what is this “feature” good for, or is it just a bug? Other programs than emClient don’t show up with this phenomena.

MacOS X 15.7, emClient 8.0.3499

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Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-07 um 01.16.49

What if you put Caps Lock on, and then press CTRL-SHIFT-Left arrow (or Right arrow)? Does this get you out of it permanently?

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Hi there,
thanks for advice: Unfortunately I have tested your suggestion after system restart and after that, the phenomena couldn’t be replicated.


Very strange, indeed! Mac users have been complaining about this odd behavior for years, especially in Mail.

If you are writing in some languages like Hebrew, you need to go right to left.

The direction can be changed from the drop-down:

Interesting! (As far as I understand it: Theoretically) good feature, although I notice, that the offered option from the pull down menu just aligns the whole text (right instead of left), the entered words appear in correct spelling, not like the vice-versa phenomena, I encountered in the beginning: I entered letters of a word and they appear backwards (backward “correct” spelling; see screenshot of my first entry) and lines order from bottom to top.

But: could be a deeper semiotic and foreign language issue (eg for languages like arabic or Hebrew), which I’m not at all familiar with.


Yeah, it may be something completely different. As @Son-of-A-Gun said, Mac users have experience of this in other applications, so then it most probably is not what I commented on. :blush: