Cursor Freezes When Composing New Email

Whenever I compose a new email, after typing for about a paragraph the cursor begins to freeze from blinking to a solid line like this:  |

And if I try to use arrow keys or mouse, nothing happens the whole email stays frozen.  The only work around I found is to minimize the email and bring it back up and the cursor comes back blinking again and all is fine for another sentence.  Then it will continue to freeze again and seems to keep freezing after 30 seconds of typing thereafter.  Sometimes the work around doesn’t work so I have to minimize and bring it back a few times before the cursor blinks again.  This is really getting annoying.

I was considering purchasing this program for all of my emails because everything else works great.  But if I can’t fix this problem then I guess I’ll have to use Word to compose email and copy/paste which is also a bother.

Please help if you can.  I’m using Windows 10 on a computer I purchased 5 months ago.



Hi Greg,
what version of eM Client are you currently running? Please copy the version number from Help>About.
What email account does this happen on?