cursor and background color

this problem: the cursor writing an email is the same color window background (gray).
Changing Emclient theme does not change,
changing theme of windows does not change.
Last current version used, os win 10 pro x64.
There is something that you can do/change with theme files?

Hi Andrea,
the default window in writing a message (unless you changed the template) is white, with the cursor being gray.
You can check your template settings in Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures.
The over-all theme of eM Client can be changed in Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes.

Best regards,

Oliva Hello, the problem is solved but only if in reply use html and not text mode.
Also continues to be present if I create or edit signatures.

You might try adjusting your monitor, the brightness, color intensity, etc. That might work for you.