Currently,com access

Until a few days ago I was able to access my @sbcglobal,net mail account. Now I can’t.

It seems that I now have to access it not as a Custom account type, but as a Yahoo account type.

II had to create new accounts on my phone/tablet emails as Yahoo accounts and they worked, When creating the accounts, it stopped after entering my Yahoo password and then asked for the ATT/sbcglobal email account password and then worked.

The eM Client stops after entering the Yahoo password, and displaying a pop-up showing that a password was needed, but doesn’t provide a means of entering it.

Is this going to be fixed? I really like the program but this really kills it for me.

I tried to use the Other method to create the account again, but that as how the accounts were set up originally which no longer work

This may be able to help…