CTRL+Z (Undo) BUG - mass undelete.

CTRL+Z is a Windows shortcut for “UNDO”. emClient has a MAJOR bug with the CTRL+Z command whereas it will frequently undo 100s, if not 1000s, of previously deleted emails. This is a major productivity killer after having spent hours clearing out an inbox. Please fix!


do you delete 100s (1000s) emails at once or you do it one by one and then “undo” brings them all back?

also do you delete them or move to trash? That is big difference.

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I frequently delete 100s at a time, and always using the DELETE key on keyboard. But my report is about after deleting a single email. I delete a single email using the DELETE key on keyboard and then if I do a CTRL+Z to undelete disaster may strike. The last email I deleted is restored along with a rash of emails deleted in the past. It does not happen every single time this way (but I’m afraid to ever undelete at this point).

I use this with IceWarp mail server.

ok, I understand.

Can you please simulate this again but this time when your issue will occur send me two or three of those “undeleted” emails.

right click on them and save as, then attach those .eml files as attachment to galis@emclient.com together with this topic’s url.

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I have received them, will take look at them as soon as possible.