CTRL+SHIFT to select multiple emails

I cannot find a way to select multiple emails without pressing and holding CTRL and laboriously clicking each individual email I want to select.

In Outlook, I click on the first email I want to select and then press CTRL-SHIFT and click on the last email I want to select, and Outlook automatically selects every email in between.  

Is there a way to replicate that behavior in eM?

Hello Phil, unfortunately it is currently not possible to select multiple items without using shift or ctrl keyboard, unfortunately eM Client is currently using the default and well known shortcuts for selecting multiple messages and only includes additional options for touch devices e.g. tablets running the windows operating system and eM Client.

We’re considering improving this with future releases of the application however.


Hi Phil - If I understand your question correctly, you can replicate that behavior by selecting the first message then holding just the SHIFT key and selecting the last message. All messages in between will be selected. CTRL will select multiple individual messages. That is actually normal windows behavior in most applications. Hope that helps!

That worked cptok!  Thanks.