css attachments automatically download external content

testing around with https://emailprivacytester.com/ I noticed em Client parses and automatically request attached css files even in only text mode. Also in privicay mode (with out loading external content) it loads css background images from external servers. In both cases a tracking is possible. These issus are critical for your priviacy and should be fixed.

Yours, tipuraneo

This is an excellent point. My results also show that eM Client downloads CSS background images when reading a message, even with image downloading turned off.

Thanks for confirming. Hope it will be fixed.

Hi everyone,
sorry for the late reply,
thank you for pointing this issue out, It should be fixed.

Thank you,

Hey Paul,

does “should” mean it will be fixed?

no actually the issue has already been fixed and should not be an issue in future releases.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

I retested the behavior. It’s still seems to be an issue (6.0.20498.0) and not fixed. Could you put it through a programmer, please?

Hi again Tipu, as I previously mentioned the issue has already been fixed, but the release containing the fix just hasn’t been publicly released yet.

Please be patient, thank you,