Credentials bug


just got em client to try  to see if it is working well with our company email, and if so install them on most computers.

work great with gmail and hotmail, but  Just can make it work with our main company email host.

we use

i keep getting Wrong credential issue at test  step when adding account.
I am using the correct credential with which i can login  on
Aslo disableed any firewall or anti-virus

What could be wrong?

Finally fixed it,
It seem many  ‘other’ email hosts need to have the config :
‘use ssl/tsl on special ports (legacy)’ for imap and smtp.
Then enter the port outlook or the previous app you were using for the imap and smtp.

hope it helps anyone in the future

Hi Francois,
thank you for sharing your solution with us and hope eM Client serves you well.