Creating, updating folder failed, no folder with this name?

Please see image. This is a brand new laptop. A brand new Em-client. Have imported 2 hotmail addresses where one is fine but this one has a constant error at opening.

I cannot find a folder named “/”?

What do you have set up for each Hotmail account?
i.e. Menu/Accounts - apart from the username for each address are they both identical with the same boxes ticked etc. especially under the general and IMAP columns
Have you tried deleting the affected email account and re-creating it using eM Client (menu/accounts/add account)?

I suspect the folder “/” is the root folder for the App (C:/program files (x86)/eM Client on my PC), and that will be protected.

Both have identical settings-- that was the first thing I checked. I’m wondering why this has happened and if it was connected to the export from Outlook>import to Em-Client, however both email addresses were exported/imported exactly the same (importing the Outlook data file).

Additionally, this is the 2nd folder that errored. The 1st was called Yammer. I cannot delete this folder, though the error for it stopped. That folder name was never in the exported Outlook email (which is still installed) so I have no idea where it’s coming from? View hidden items doesn’t show it in the course, either. Afterwards, this “/” error showed up. It almost feels like phone data is being included from the Outlook program on the PC during export.

There are quite a few user-created email folders. Is it possible to export the Em-Client folders (w/o the Yammer folder) delete the account, and then do a fresh install and import the other folders back?

It looks like you can export from eM Client to .eml files, however, why can’t you just delete the affected account in eM Client and re-import from Outlook?
Not sure if you’ve read this but this may help…

I can. But I did and this was the result. I’m looking for other ways to get the folder structure back in the event the auto-import fails.

What happens if you just allow eM Client to auto-create the Outlook account?