Creating Tasks and Events in the Calendar View

Hi, folks! I’m a long-time eM Client user, but also have to use MS Outlook for my job. There are a couple of behaviors in the latter that enhance my workflow, and I was wondering if they could be considered for eM Client.

In the Calendar, typing a task in the pane at the bottom of the window creates a task with start/due dates of the current time. This can be changed to apply no date in Settings -> Tasks -> General.

  • Request for an option to create the task at the date to which it was typed.

Also in the Calendar, tasks in the Tasks list and the Agenda list cannot be dragged into the calendar (i.e., task becomes event).

  • Request for similar drag/drop behavior for tasks as exists for events in the Agenda list. Specifically, tasks may be dragged to the calendar to create a new event, and tasks may be dragged to the Tasks list to set the due date.

Best regards.

At the bottom of day and week views, there is a task section. Clicking in that section will create a task on that day.

Hi, Gary.

On my system with eM Client 8.2.1237, typing a task in that area creates a task according to the Tasks -> General -> New Tasks configuration.

In the screenshot below, on the left I’ve typed into that area for a task I want due on 05JUN. When I type “Enter,” the task is created with today’s (29MAY) date as the due date.

On the right of the screenshot, if I disable the setting, the task is created with no due date.

I can confirm the behaviour emersonrji describes: Clicking in tasks section of the week view does not create a task at that date. But it should. Maybe it’s a bug? If not, I support the feature-request.

You are correct. I had my tasks to set to autofill start date with the current date, and I clicked on today’s column to create the task. So my task was created there. Apologies.