Creating new Folders - Conflict with Gmail

I have a Gmail account. I access my emails using eM Client on my laptop, or directly on my iPad. A few days after installing Version 7 I noticed that five folders were not appearing on my iPad. One was a folder of 500 emails. Scary. Then I realised that what was happening was that they were being downloaded around 15 minutes after I had started up my iPad, and shown separately from my other folders. I was worried that the folders had been corrupted in some way and I might lose them. I contacted a computer consultant. In his endeavours to find the cause of the problem he even downloaded eM Client again from scratch. Then he discovered that when I had created/renamed folders after the installation of Version 7 the folders had been labelled INBOX(name) with Inbox in caps instead of initial cap only, as for all earlier folders. Gmail then listed them separately from earlier folders. This means that if I create a new folder or rename an existing one, it will not appear in the alphabetical list of folders on my iPad, or in my Gmail account, and their download will be delayed. eM Client’s new arrangement of labelling folders with the prefix INBOX does not work with Gmail. I should add that because of the time involved in identifying the root of the problem it cost me $210 in consultant fees.