Creating new Calendar in Email accounts

I can’t seem to create a new calendar in any folder other than my primary one (which happens to be an exchange folder) I don’t want to use this one as it is linked to a work exchange.  I want to put a calendar into my private email account but it isn’t giving me any other options.
Please, can someone help me.

Hello Katrina,

While you create the new calendar with the rightclick on the calendars list, you can choose in the “Create new folder” window where the calendar will be placed. It works quite the same as email folders. 
I hope this was helpful.


Yes, I did that but it puts it on a email account I don’t wish to use.  I have multiple email accounts set up, but it only shows one with a calendar… Not sure I am making any sense.

If you have 2 separate email accounts defined one for work the other private, Check the account setup to see if there is a check box to activate the calendar feature (if your email vendor supports that.
Menu - Tools - Accounts      select your private account and look at the bottom of the page for the check box. (Services)   Also check your vendor to see if they support that , I have gmail and it does support that and I have one calendar for each of my accounts.


And of course in the account settings you can also specify which calendar each account uses.

Only option that I know  about is activate local folder and create a calendar locally  for yourself 

Menu  Tools  Settings           General tab about   6 items down from top  SHOW LOCAL FOLDER

Then in calendar view create acalendar  in the local folder

Hi Richard,
Thank you… that worked :slight_smile: so easy in the end!