Creating folder failed with error: Specified method is not supported.

I am simply trying to create a new contact folder (free version) .

It’s not possible to create folders in Google Contacts. All the folders are just virtual projections of the categories assigned to individual contacts. In order to create a new “folder” you just have to create a contact with new category.

In future we may implement it by mapping the “create folder” action to “create new category”. Or at very least we will change the message to be more descriptive.

Hi Filip,

thanks for your reply but they are not Google contacts; unless the system automatically thick so because I have a gmail account. I do not have these contacts on gmail neither, I have imported them as CSV from outlook.

To which folder did you import the contacts?

under gmailaddress >contacts; also tried under gmailaddress parent folder

however from the EM client installed at work with my work email I can add folders, so I guess it is a gmail limitation as you said already.

finally I’ve sorted this out… I had the local folders hidden; once I have make them visible again I was able to create contact folders there rather than under the gmail contact folder. So problem solved