Creating Distribution Lists

I have a group of members with email id’s traversing several different carriers (e.g., aol, yahoo, at&t).  I wanted to create distribution lists for each group into their individual carrier.  For example, I wanted a distribution list with all of yahoo email ids.  What I did was activate the “Contacts” area of eM Client.  I then clicked on the little down arrow next to the “New” button on the menu bar and clicked on “Distribution List”.  I gave it a name and then clicked on the “Select Members…” button.  In the “Filter Contacts:” box at the top of the dialog box, I typed “” and clicked on the little square next to “Given Name”.  All the members with as their carrier was checked.  I clicked the “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog box.  I now had a distribution list with all my members.  I continued with each of the other carriers.

Hello Carroll, not quite sure what you’re suggesting, seems like you’ve achieved what you needed, or not? Please specify your idea topic or question so I can add it to the feature request list.