creating contact folders

I’ve been at it for hours after DLing free eM Client and cannot figure out how to create Contact Folders for specific groups of people e.g. “Family”, “Work Friends,” etc.  Can’t find anything in Help that addresses this.   Can anyone tell me how to create Contact Lists (Contact Folders).  I don’t want a mass distribution list; I want folders that I can sort my contacts into specific groups. 

I don’t think you can do that and was not aware that Outlook could either. Just “contact distribution lists” made up of existing (or new) contacts already in the Contacts folder.

you create a contact distribution list with CONTACTS->DISTRIBUTION LISTS

The “Contact” link is missing from the left hand sidebar.   All I have are “Mail”, “Calendar” and “Tasks”.  I remember seeing a “Contact” link yesterday but it isn’t there today.  

Yes, I had different “Contact Lists” in Outlook Express that I could click on the list to open it and then click on individual names that  I wanted on the recipient list for any email.   I think the problem may be that the “Contact” link is missing today from the left hand sidebar and I don’t know how to get it back. 

I would suggest you create the lists via your actual email service. For example, if you’re using gmail, go into gmail and create the folders (I believe gmail calls them labels). Then, when you sync or add the account using IMAP, your folders will be synced to eM Client or whatever client you’re using. If you wish, you can then set up rules that will send emails from specific contacts directly to the corresponding folders. The same thing can be done with Microsoft mail accounts and many others. 

Hi, to enable Contacts in the sidebar, right click any of the existing tabs in the left pane and select Contacts to display. What mail service are you using to synchronize your items with eM client? Are you seeing any errors thrown when you try to create a contact folder in eM Client?

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