Creating Contact Folder Error

I tried creating another Contact Folder, under Contacts and got a pop-up error.
The Popup was titled “Error” and the message was “Creating a folder failed with error: Specified method is not supported.” Do you know about this problem? Is there a fix? Thanks!

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I am sorry but it is not possible at the moment.

Sir, em client is an extremely good programme, equivalent to Microsoft outlook. Is it possible to have seperate contact folders in em client contacts, like it can be done in Microsoft outlook by making sub-folders under contacts folder.

Hi R. Saraf,

Yes you can make sub folders for contacts under the local ‘contacts’ folder.

Click with your right mouse button on the ‘contacts’ folder in the left panel and select ‘new contact folder…’

screen shot:

Hi, yes that is possible, but it depends on what mail service you’re using.

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When trying the above I get the same error, is this due to the free version or is it a gmail sync problem

Hi, unfortunately new groups can not be created from the eM Client’s interface at the moment, you have to create new groups from the web interface of Gmail.

Thank you for understanding,

That’s completely idiotic and needs a fix.

This is unfortunately a Gmail restriction, hope we can improve this with future releases.


I don’t think I actually realized that this software was linked to google. Not sure I’m entirely thrilled with that idea frankly.

Not completely sure what you’re referring to as linked to google, eM Client is a stand-alone application running on .NET framework (framework for developing apps for Windows). However eM Client is also a Gmail client, and the inability to create the subfolder, is due to a Gmail restriction, this is unfortunately not possible to improve with the current setup as the protocol does not allow it.


How does gmail govern what your software can do ? I haven’t come across this previously. Let be be more clear: the folders that are in gmail appear in em client and I’m unable to modify them. Therefore, the basic structure of contact lists and whatever else is governed by gmail and presumably they have some level of visibility into that. I find that very strange.

If your account is a gmail account that is where your contacts are sync’ed. I was having the same error. I went to my gmail account>contacts and under labels, which is what gmail calls contact folders, you can hover over an existing label for choices to delete or rename. There is also a create label at the bottom of your label list. Create, delete or rename your label. Go back to eM Client and refresh. Your changes should be there. Not as nice as being able to do it in eM Client but it is a work around.