Creating an event fails

When I go to create a calendar event on version 8.2.1721, the event window pops up in a minimized-to-tray format, but I can’t open it or even click on it. I’ve turned it off/back on, checked for updates, and am at a loss. I’m running Windows 11 Home edition, no pop up blocks.

Seems like the window has opened, but is off screen. Hover your mouse over the taskbar icon until the empty thumbnail preview appears. Right-click in the preview and choose MOVE. Use your keyboard arrow keys to bring it back onto your screen.

That’s a great suggestion; I tried, but it failed. I saw the cursor icon change to signify that it was trying, but nothing happened when I clicked on the screen.

I tried expanding the window also; this DID work, but when I tried entering anything, it didn’t allow me to open the saved event (same issue). The description box was missing on the new (maximized) event, almost like it didn’t finish loading.