Creating accounts and exporting

I wish that emclient had an option to manually create an account from the start. None of my email services are auto detected so I have to go through the rigmarole of trying to create an account I know wont work then edit the details afterwords.

I also wish that I could export account settings to a file like Outlook Express used to let you do.

If I had to choose between the two I’d go with the latter because then I’d not need to create my accounts again anyway.

Hi, eM Client does offer new account (both manual and automatic) from the start, it does not work for you after fresh install and clean database?
I have triple checked it and account import is also present in both latest 5th and 6th version.

File - export… - export settings to .xml should export account settings into one file (all accounts into one file, you can choose if you want to export passwords and/or if you want to protect that file with a password)


I wrongly assumed File | Export was purely for messages as I expected account export to be in the account settings. That’s brilliant thanks for the help.

As for the account creation, it always goes into a kind of wizard where I can only enter the server address and user account info. I always have to change port numbers.

I’d prefer an option to go straight to the account settings window you get after you’ve created an account where you can specify everything.

I am nit picking though and your product is fantastic.

You can use manual setup instead of automatic setup. When creating new account just click on “Mail”, “calendar”, “contacts” and you will see.

But you can’t change the port. So I have to click the check boxes to ignore the test results and then go and edit the accounts. Not a big deal as I say it’s just a weird way to do it rather than being able to go straight to the list of options you get when you edit the account.

you can’t change port? It is grayed out? Can you post here screenshot of that tab?

Sorry I’m not explaining very well it seems.


I arrive at the new account wizard which has 6 steps starting at 1.Identify and ending on 6. Finish.

At no point in this wizard can you change the port which means that at stage number 4 I have to check “Ingore test results”.

This will then allow me to create the account and go back to account settings and manually change the account info such as ports and encryption settings.

It’s like you’re trying to make thing easier but I find it just makes the process more complicated. It would be better if the account creation window looked the same as where you edit existing accounts.

To clarify I can change the port once I’ve created the account but I think it would be better if you either included more options in the creation wizard or got rid of it altogether.

I now see what have you meant all the time, it is not currently planned because for majority of users it is working correctly, but I will note this topic and your idea and will point it our when we will gather together next features to be implemented in future patches and versions.