Creating a new task

When I want to create a task, I have a window with little data.
Here is the picture:

If I consult the help, the window is much more complete.
Here is the picture

Why these differences?

OK, I found, I need to make the right selection in the Task tab to the right of Save and close

I still have a problem.
I must select “Local folder” to have the details (image 2).
The problem: when I make this choice, the synchronization is not done with Google Tasks

This is because Google doesn’t support syncing of these other fields, so they are not displayed in eM Client.

In the task window which can be synchronized with Google Task, it is not possible to set a reminder.
So if I set a task that can be synchronized, I won’t get a reminder on my PC.

On my Smartphone, I use aCalendar +.
I can create a task that can be synced by specifying details for aCalendar to save.
These details, I indicate them in the notes of the eM Client task
Example: I create a task that must be repeated at 7 o’clock, with an interval of 14 days, I write in notes:
[07:00] [FREQ = DAILY; INTERVAL = 14]

I synchronize via Google Task and in my smartphone the task is well indicated with a start at 7:00 am with a frequency of 14 days.