Creating a Gmail Folder

I am using em Client with gmail.

I have a long list of Gmail Folders that have been successfully imported - they show up in the em Client folder list on the left under the heading “More”.

When working in eM, if I want to create a NEW folder, I cant find a way to create it under this “More” heading.

There is no ability to right click and Create New Folder under “More” - I can only do it nested under one of the existing folders, which is not what I want.

If I create it under the “Inbox” it shows up there in eM Client, separate from all my other folders, and when I check in gmail, it is not showing properly.

If I create it under “All Mail” it does show in Gmail properly, but in eM it stays under the “All Mail” heading and is separate from all the other folders under “More” which is confusing.

How can I create new folders that will show up under “More” and therefore reside with my existing folder list?


“MORE” IMHO is nothing more than a ‘grouping’ indicator that eMC uses to control clutter in the folder list. All folders in that grouping remain hidden as a default. If you want any of those folders to be displayed above “MORE” then you can change each folder PROPERTIES to “Show” or “Show if Unread”. I set ALL my folders to “Show if unread” so that I keep the folder list clutter at a minimum.

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thanks for the reply - so conversely, if I want a folder I created under All Mail to show down in the “More” section, what setting do I need to use?

Thank you so much.

EDIT - Nevermind I figured it out based on your message above. I was confused at first but I see the option and it worked. Thank you!

Glad to be of help…

Hi - I am having this issue again. Recently I have created a couple of new folders under Inbox for Gmail. Now however when I right click on them, “Show if Unread” is no longer showing as an option…for the older existing folders under “More” I can still right click and see the Show options, but for the new ones I have created it just isnt there as an option anymore!

Any thoughts? Thanks.

You can’t do that for subfolders. You need to mark the parent as Show if Unread. If this is a subfolder of Inbox, that means the Inbox folder should be marked as Show if Unread.

OK thanks for the reply - so want to make sure I figure this out. Every other folder I have has the option “Show if Unread”…I think I created all of them by just right clicking on Inbox and choosing New Folder.

If I want to create a folder that has this option, how do I do it so that I will have this option?

I am confused about your reply because I think every other folder I created has this option other than these two latest. My Inbox is also checked “Show if Unread” but these two folders still show up there under Inbox as opposed to under “More” (even though there is nothing unread)


Anyone else have ideas? I have tried to create several new folders under Inbox or All Mail and none of them are showing the “Show If Unread” option to check/uncheck anymore…but my older existing folders all do have this option.

As I said, you can’t do that for subfolders.

If you create the folder on the same level as Inbox, then you can hide it. Otherwise to hide a subfolder of the Inbox, you need to hide the Inbox.

Yes what wasnt clear from your reply was HOW to create a folder thats not a subfolder to the Inbox. But now I see you can create a folder under the Gmail label, as opposed to Inbox or All Mail…