Create Theme

In the knowledgebase article:
How to create a new eM Client theme
Posted by Pavel Karfik on 18 September 2015 11:59

It says:

If you want to create a new eM Client theme navigate to Tools > Setting > Appearance > Themes Click on to the Advance button and the following should appear “Save current theme as…”Change theme directory…” “Create theme from Color…” Click on to “Create theme from Color…” And a new window opens.

The only problem is that “Create theme from Color…” doesn’t appear.  Why would that be?

Hello Chris,

This option is unfortunately only available in version 6 (which it does say at the end of the article). It was causing a lot of problems so we decided to remove it, the article is still in the database because there are still version 6 users. Thank you for notifying us, we will make changes accordingly.


Please make a positive change -ie that we CAN make new themes!!