Create template with fixed indentation

Hi, is it possible to create a template where the text will be always indented by a certain value?

I tried to create a template by editing the html source, it appears indented when I start typing an email that uses that template. But when I type text and hit “enter”, the text will not be indented anymore, so I would need to always re-indent the paragraphs or lines.

I want to do this kind of indentation of the whole email text in order to stay consistent with the background image I’ve chosen.


by the way:
I observed that emClient changes the html source code after I save it, because:

I originally used
<p style="text-indent: 0; margin: 2em;">

but the eM Client changed it to
<blockquote style="margin: 0 0 0 40px; border: none; padding: 0px;">