Create task or appointment from message and choose a specific calendar or task list


as you know you can very easily create tasks or appointments by right clicking a message. BUT there is a big poblem, I dont use the local calendar or task list. I am a froogle user. But at each creation of new tasks or appointments eM wants to put it into the local folder. It would be very very handy to say eM it shall use froogle as standard - but I can’t find any setting according to that. Ist there any?

cheers Michael

Hi Michal,
first of all when you use the create a task/meeting from message option the calendar/task folder for the mail account you’re located in should be selected by default.
But if not, you should be able to change the folder and save the task/meeting to any calendar/task folder you want.

Is that option not present in your eM Client?

Thank you,

Dear Paul,

thanks for your reply. Exactly that is the problem. I’ve two accounts, one for e-mails and one for calendars and tasks (froogle), that is because you can’t send MAils via froogle. So I need something like a global option that changes standard ‘local’ to ‘froogle’ :wink: - you know what I mean?


The calendar should be local only if your mail account does not have any calendar assigned to it.
Go to Tools > Account > Your mail account, and if you have a Calendar or Calendar and Contacts tab in this account, you should be able to assign default calendar, tasks and contacts folders to this account so just select your froogle folders and you should be all set.

Hope this helps,

… THAT IS IT! Thanks for your qucik reply. Works fine.

No problem, glad I could help, if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, let us know, we’ll be happy to help!

Thank you,