create rule from current email?

Hi.  First day using the free product (evaluating whether or not I can use it instead of Outlook 2016; if so I’ll go with the Pro version), and I’ve imported my Outlook data file so that all my folders are in the local eM file.  Then I added my hotmail account manually so that I could be sure of bringing it into the local file - but apparently the rules don’t import.  So I’m looking for an easy way to create the rules (I probably had a couple hundred rules in Outlook).  AFAIK I can export a .RWZ file from Outlook; will eM read and apply these?  If not, is there an easy way to, say, select a particular email and pop up the rules window with its information already there?  (thanks for any help you can give.


i have the same question any response yet?

Clifton, I stumbled on the method: just right click the “from” email address and there’s an option (at the bottom of the RC window on mine) for “Create rule from”.