Create meeting/task

When creating a task or meeting the time and date should be picked up from the message. I’ve even selected date and time before “create meeting” and it just puts in today’s date and time. This is something I miss from Thunderbird.

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Do you mean the event should be created using the received time of the message?

eM Client has no option in the dialogue for that. How did you do it?

emcmeeting1 this is an example of a message that I would make a meeting or task from.

This is what I get when I right click and say add a task

Notice dates aren’t entered.

And when I right click from the selected text to create a meeting I get:

Notice the time is not picked up and it only puts in today’s date regardless of what was in the body of the message.

eM Client does not have the AI to scan your message and decide if there are dates mentioned therein that constitute an event.

AI – just scan for date and time. Thunderbird does it. This is not rocket science.

As I said, eM Client doesn’t do that.

A feature request :slight_smile:

I changed this thread to a feature request. Hopefully the company will take note of it for consideration.

thank you Gary for doing that.