Create mailbox filter directly from e-mail message

Although a message can be used to generate quickly a communication history window, it would be even better if the message (e.g., right-clicking on sender’s address) could be used to populate the search field directly. That would result in quickly filtering the mailbox, to show only messages relating to the one in view. Outlook provides an example of how this is nicely done, with its right-click and then Find Related -> Messages from Sender.

I think that eM Client went a different route and provided two other methods that do this. The first is conversation mode, which groups all related messages together. But because you may want to see other messages from the same sender not part of the same conversation, the right side-bar Contact section does that. Clicking any message will display the message history for that contact. It is quite useful because just hovering over a message displays the content. You may need a better prescription on those glasses to actually read the text, but it is useful nevertheless.

Nice, but less usable than just having a regular filter like the way Outlook does it.

Yes it would be very helpful if one could go hover over an e-mail and with the right click filter all messages from that particular sender.

How Outlook does it nowadays has been very helpful in filtering e-mails and setting up triggers as well.

eM Client can do just that!

In fact, it has a very sexy right side-bar that does EVEN MORE than that.

When you click on an email in the message list, it shows the message in the preview pane AND a list of all previous messages from that sender in the right side-bar. 

AND that is both sent and received. Your replies and other messages to that receiver are there as well.

AND you don’t even need to click on those messages to view them. Just hover your mouse over one of them and a preview will pop-up with all sorts of functionality.

AND look at that attachments tab! Click on it and you will see all the attachments that sender sent you.

AND those you sent them!

Do I need to go on?

Let’s see MS Outlook do that!