Create custom shortcuts in EM client

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I am looking for a way to create custom shortcuts for certain actions (like fe, move folder email to archive etc…). Does anybody know a way I can do this?


Yes you can create custom shortcuts for those actions by (modifying the current shortcuts) in eM Client. See the below eM Client support webpage information.

Quote from page

How to create custom shortcuts in eM Client

If you prefer your personal workflow and custom shortcuts for maximum productivity, just go to Menu > Settings > General > Shortcuts, select the shortcut you wish to modify and change it according to your preference.

(eM Client for Windows screenshot example)


Thank you for the information on creating custom shortcuts in eM Client. However, I’ve encountered an issue where the option to create a shortcut for archiving emails doesn’t seem to be available in the list. I followed the steps to Menu > Settings > General > Shortcuts, but couldn’t find ‘Archive’ as an option to assign a shortcut to.

Is there a workaround or an update that adds this functionality? Archiving emails is a frequent task for me, and a shortcut would greatly enhance my workflow. Any additional guidance or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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It is the very first one:

But be aware that this function only works with servers that announce they have a dedicated archive folder. Generally if you don’t see the Archive button in the toolbar, or it is greyed out, that server or folder doesn’t support it, so the shortcut won’t work either.


is it possible to create a shorecut for the option of "creat a Task from an email?

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is it possible to create a shortcut for the option of "create a Task from an email?

Yes you can do that in the new “Quick Actions” in eM Client V10 via the Toolbar dropdown.

Note:- If you don’t see Quick Actions along the toolbar, “right click in a blank space” on the toolbar and click “Customise”. Then add it from the left to the right window that appears.


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This has been very useful 4 sure!!

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I cannot find ‘QuickActions’ in V9, is there anything equivalent?