Create Appointment from Message - Add People, send Invitations

When creating an appointment from email eM standardly adds all recipients to it. But often I don’t want that, because I just want to add the appointment only to my personal calendar.
So to delete those People I have to go to the third tab ‘Terminplanung’ (Schedule?) and delete them there. I Think it would be better to have that possibility in the first Tab ‘Allgemein’ (general?). Perhaps near Subject and Place ?!

Hi, unfortunately this setting has to be kept in a separate scheduling section, as the scheduling not only allows you to add people to your events, but also displays the free/busy information if available.
Unfortunately there’s not enough space for all these setting in one view.

However we’re currently working an UI update for an upcoming release of eM Client, which may have this setting improved or slightly changed.

Thank you for understanding, hope you can manage to use the current settings,