Crashing when moving emails - Mac Version

I have tried to use the RULES to force a move of certain emails but I just cannot make it work.

I tried to move them manually and there were about 100 emails. Just seemed to fail. I highlighted and pasted to another folder but nothing seemed to happen.

I went over to OUTLOOK and did the job and instantly they were moved. I understand that there is some time for the server to catch up but the job was effortless.

emC just keeps crashing when I do the move and the emails are never actually moved.

Using RULES is a complete fail for me - Just the simplest of tasks and it cannot handle it.
I cant run the rule manually and it doesnt work for incoming.

It is a shame because this program has some good featrures and I am close to finding a solid replacement for Thunderbird.
If it wasn’t for the EXCHANGE issues I get with T’Bird I would stay there and it is FREE. It handles TAGS so easily where emC fails.

I think I might have to go back to TBird and find a way to fix my Exchange issue.