Crashing emClient

I have been playing around with some BIOS settings.

There is a winning setting to fix this issue and that is “Undervolt Protection”. It needs to be set to enabled. Another value that is set to enabled is X.M.P. but that has nothing to do with this. All other values are set to their default values.

Thanks to everybody who gave directions in this.

OK, during the last 6 days, only one popup asked me to send the crash report, and I did so. Currently, the eM Client on the computer I have for the trip crashes about once per hour and then takes half an hour or so to get up. I cannot work in this fashion. I am forced to use other software to get to my email.

Update: There were no crashes after uninstallation of em Client without database removal and reinstallation. It is too early to declare a victory, as there had been intermittent instances of no crashes for a day or two before, but there is at least hope in the lack of crashes correlated with the reinstallation. One inconvenience in reinstallation with no database removal was the inability to go to an earlier version of the em Client.