Crashes/nostarts; no cursor; more user-friendliness?

  1. Have had two instances where the program either crashed or wouldn’t load. I suspect (because of a message in the first case) that this may have been a memory problem but with 6Gb of memory on my machine and apparently 3Gb of that available not sure why that was the case. In both instances a reboot solved the problem but that is still nerve-wracking!

  2. “Point of insertion” cursor missing at times. That is, the pointer is showing and moves when I move the mouse but the cursor showing the point of next entry doesn’t appear.

  3. PLEASE change the policy of not allowing a paste for password setting. Yours is the only product that I know of that does this and in my view there is good reason for this balance of opinion. A paste guarantees that the inserted password is correct…assuming the user is not dumb enough to include leading/trailing spaces which is presumably why the precaution is in place. But there are better ways of protecting against this. Either that or PLEASE make the entered characters visible so that the result can be visually verified. Yes, there is a reason for masking characters when entering a password at other times but surely there are only a very few people dumb enough to change their password in an internet cafe and why should the rest of us suffer as a result?


  1. do you experience crashes after some exact thing you do? Could you try to see when exactly it crashes or is it completely random?

2)When this happen please make screenshot of this and with description what you have done before it attach it here please.

  1. You can create idea topic about this so we will see how many users want this issue as well.

Also include your version (if not actually then update first, also update your IE to latest version and reset it to defaults.)


Hi John

On the crashes: these happened several weeks back and can’t remember any details other than those provided. Have not had any recurrences but am careful to make periodic backups. I usually have the most recent version of the product.

No comment on the disappearing cursor? I have an Asus Ultrabook with Windows 8 updated to 8.1 and the “insert” cursor position disappears on ongoing basis. I use Firefox as a browser rather than IE, although if Windows has updates to IE I implement them.

And no comment on the password issue? I’ve now noticed this practice in a couple of other places. It is, in my view a step backwards for users and it would be nice to know that there is evidence (rather than reasons) of any benefit to em Client.


I’m a community user and was considering upgrading, so I’ve been posting here in the hope of finding some basis for the upgrade. However, after yet another problem I’ve decided to purchase Outlook. The information provided below (as were the previous posts) in the hope that it may do some good.

Another occurrence: this time a “freeze” on incoming mail. I was waiting for a succession of emails to arrive from a person who I was on the phone to. When the emails didn’t show I went online and noticed that they were on the server. Back to eMC and tried again to “Send/Receive”: nothing. No message, but no action. So I exited eMC and tried to restart it. Same problem as above: wouldn’t restart even though I had no other programs open. When I tried to restart my computer was initially told that eMC wasn’t “uninitializing”. However, after a second attempt at restart went normally and I was able to start eMC, although it had to check the database.

Again, all that I can think of is that this is a memory problem as I had a number of applications open, including Word, Excel and an image editor.

So. Product sometimes doesn’t work; sluggish and incomplete response from support and bewildering response to last post (removed without explanation and no discernible (from here) basis for it in the content).

These are not the kind of thing that encourage people to upgrade. I don’t blame individuals as I suspected everyone in support is stretched to the limit. But someone needs to figure out that users are almost always going to “try” the free product first and only upgrade when they are satisfied by that experience. I personally would love to see any alternatives to Microsoft but they have to work and have to be properly supported.

I am sorry to read this, but this is community forums and we can’t spend more time on it then on our paid support or working on eM Client itself.

Anyway if you would describe me your issue better or you would wait on my response when I would ask for more things I should be able to resolve your issue, paid support is of course much faster then community forum.

I hope that in the future you would return to eM Client and you will be much more satisfied with our product than now.

with regards.

Hi John Walker,

John Galis did reply on your second question (‘the text cursor’) and on your point 3 (‘password’).

He even numbered his replies in the same way as your questions.

I’m reading this forum quite often lately, and I haven’t seen other messages about your point 1 and 2.

I’ve also not seen other messages about point 3…but I have to agree, if you can not copy a password, that would be very annoying. Only reason I can imagine is that the makers of eM Client think it is not good to put a password in the Clipboard of Windows (because other programs might be able to steal a password in this way.)

Ah, humble apologies to John. I read these as a sequence of responses to my first point but once you’d pointed out my error it actually makes more sense to read them as responses to my numbered questions.

But to John’s point, I completely understand that a “free” user can’t and shouldn’t expect the same level of support as a paying user…for most issues. But I challenge that assumption for certain issues. Crashes and a missing cursor seem to me to be potentially at least to be indications of fairly serious problems with the product, and that is why I reported them. Mine is an almost new (Asus laptop) computer; I’m a very experienced user and have everything up-to-date and protected; there are no weird games or kluges.

Have found also that I can’t seem to get text to wrap around an image in an email. Perhaps there is a solution to this but for now will use Outlook and will check back in a couple of years to see how eMC is doing.

Don’t worry we take reports even from free users seriously, it can affect our paid users also after all…

Usually I ask about requested features to my colleagues and writhe here their answer, there is very often nothing else to do then just write simple answer. I understand why users feel angry when we reject their idea, but they are really in almost all cases just the only one with that idea we know about.

Anyway do you still experience problems with point 1 and 2?