Crashes and Freezes - often!

Every so often Em Client just stops working and freezes. The only way to resolve this issue is to re-start the computer. It then goes through a database search and checks for errors but, needless to say, it does not find any, and then is OK for a while.
When frozen and invoking Task Manager, EmC is not listed, so there’s no way of closing it.
I hear this is not a unique problem to just me, so does anyone know what is going on with it and how to fix this annoying issue?
Thanks and regards in advance.

Hi Roger

What operating system is this?

What antivirus and other security software do you have installed?

Thanks John for your response. I’m running Windows 7 Pro, along with Windows Defender, MalwareBytes AntiMalware Premium V.2.2.0, Avast AntiVirus V.10.4, and Advanced System Care 9.3.
Regards Roger.

Hi Roger

Malwarebytes antimalware would not cause your issue

If your Avast has an email scanner, try disabling that.

Advanced System Care and other “cleaners” can cause all sorts of issues and can permanently damage your system.  My experience says don’t use them in a normal situation.  The only way to establish whether it has contributed to your current issue is to restore your system back to before ASC was installed.

Hi Roger,
what John suspects could be cause of the issue, as some security software can be stopping eM Client from pulling the messages and saving it’s data correctly to its database.

However, I’ll need more information about your situation first - what version are you currently running? Please check Help>About section for full version number.
You mention crashes- is there any crash report or error message you could copy?
As for the freezes - please try downloading this utility from our website. Running it will create a Stack file from eM Client. Run it few times when eM Client freezes and then send the created files to [email protected] with a link to this forum topic.


Hello Oliver, thanks for your reply. And also my thanks to John for his.
I’ve taken John’s advice and removed Advance System Care and other cleaners.
Oliver, in answer to your queries:
My current version of EmC is: 6.0.24928.0
There are no crash reports that I know of and there is never any error message - it just either crashes (closes) or freezes, but mostly freezes.
I’ll download the utility you suggest and let you have the results following some freeze-ups.
But, of course, if John’s suggestion works, then it may not happen again, having removed ACS and other cleaners.
Many thanks again and my regards,

Roger, if one of the cleaners was the cause of your issue, just removing them may not resolve it as they may have already done some damage to your system.

Hi John. I can only wait and see if the problem re-occurs and then let both you and Oliver know. But thanks for your note.
Best wishes, Roger