Crash when replying to a mail

I am trying out eM Client. But I will have to avoid this product. When replying to one specific mail, so far, it always crashes.

Not a stable product?

Hi Ulf,

which specific version of eM Client are you using?

Which operating system?

Which e-mail provider?

What is the text of the error message?

Sorry for delayed reply…

It is the latest version. 6.0. Just downloaded it…

Windows 8.1


Can ́t recall, will see if I can replicate it. Went on using eM Client, and it is only one specific mail…

Was frustrated at the time, because I had problems with MS Outlook and wanted to try an alternate client… And almost first thing this occurred. But since then I have not had any issues - so apparently one single e-mail reply fails. No big deal…

Will now probably buy a license.


Hi, ever since the update, eM Client now crashes. I rolled back to the previous installation but then get the message that it is a Beta version and would now go offline.

Hi Uffe,

I’m happy to read that you only had an issue with 1 e-mail.

If you can, I would ask you to save that e-mail in .EML format and send to Jan of eM Client, so the developers can analyze what’s wrong with that e-mail.

Hi Hans

Can I send you my error report that I get once I install the latest upate. Please send me your email address.

Hi Johan,

I’m not an employee of eM Client…if you want to send an e-mail to someone of eM Client, it’s better to send it to John Galis.

Hi Hans. My apologies. It just seems to me that there is no support from em Client side. The South African support also basically told me to buy the product and then report the problem via the registered support site.
It seems the wrong way round, doesn’t it

No problem, Johan.

John Galis of eM Client is almost daily answering questions of people in this forum.

I’m sure he can help you.

Hi, when eM Client will crash use this tool… then send me file it will create to together with exported email which causes this crash as attachment in same email.

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