Crash when preview printing in calendar

eM Client crashes when I go to file > preview printing in the calendar.
No errors messages, just the database is checked.

There is no problem if I preview for an email.

Hi there,

can I ask if you are still using our latest 5th version or do you use beta of 6th version?

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it happened on my home PC with beta of 6th version.

Sorry, not with the last beta you made online now.
It happened with version :

This is weird, for me it does work without problem. Anyway can you tell me exact steps how you achieve this behaviour? 

Please include what calendar (account) and what view( day, week,…) you are having before it crash.

Also tell me version of IE and Windows. and exact version of your beta eM Client (help - about)

and when it will crash use this tool and attach it to same email with other things :slight_smile:
send me this all to galis@emclient together with this topic’s url in subject.

I cannot run emstackdump because eM Client immediately crashes.
Version 6.0.18326.0.
IE 10 version 10.0.9200.167211S.
Windows 7 pro 64 bits
I made the test twice with one calendar, view 1 week. First test I selected the days of the week, 2nd test with no selection. Then file > preview.
I send you a mail.

I made a test with laptop v. 5.0.18661.0 - IE10 - Windows 7 Pro 64 bits and no problem. I have a beautiful print preview.
(there is another problem: for my two gmail accounts I did not received mails from october 26th to today!).


I have received your email and will respond over it and I will also take in consideration fresh information.

That issue with Gmail emails can you receive them now or it is not possible?

with regards


  1. With v. 5.0.18661.0 on my laptop, as I do not reveive anymore mails from gmail, I used the backup of eM Client on home computer. I had a message for updating and now I have v. 6.0.19179.0. I receive gmail messages and all seems ok (no crash with print preview).
  2. About the crash problem on home PC (v. 6.0.18326.0), may be I could update? But going to Help > see updates, it says there is not update :slight_smile:

I’m happy to announce that I do not have any more crash problem after I installed version 6.0.19179.0.

thank you for your update on this issue, I am happy that it works for you once more :slight_smile: