Crash when personalizing columns

I have the problem when clicking on to “personalize the columns”, there is the error windows and eM crashes. A data base verification is done.
(I think) a report is automatically sent to you.
This does not happen when clicking on the first line “define columns”.

I have pro version 4.0.15010.0

it has been already fixed. Please download a newer version from here:…

Hi, thanks for your quick reply.
I uninstalled 4.0.15010.0 and installed 4.0.15145.0

It looks ok. I made a test to verify the problem. There is no more problem.

A different problem appeared…
I clicked on the link in the e-mail from eMclient notifiyng the reply of George Wilson, the link “This solves the problem!” and Mozilla crashed!

In the error’s window I could read :

Install Google Chrome and let me know if the problem will occur. It will help us to solve the problem. Thank you.

I have Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, but I use often Mozilla.
The problem was because of the eMclient toolbar.
In Mozilla > tools > extensions I deleted the toolbar and the problem is solved.
I made the test clicking again on the link in the e-mail, now it is ok.

(Do you mean I should prefere Chrome?)

Thank you for your feedback - we will investigate the problem immediately.

(You can still use Mozilla)

I use Mozilla, but now I do not have anymore the eMclient toolbar and I don’t know how to add it (without the search into the toolbar).

The only way is to reinstall eM Client.

Thanks :slight_smile: