Crash when going to settings after update

Ack, I installed the 4.01638 update posted in this thread “…” as I was having similar problems assigning certificates. But now when I go to tools, settings it crashes the application. Help!

Could you please post here the text of the error message? Thank you.

I’m sorry to you and others looking at this topic later. I grew impatient as I had a bunch of things to do and the crashing was hindering my progress, so I just tried upgrading to the the release candidate version 5 for eM client. This resolved the issue so I can not provide better information on what internally was causing the crash and the only fix I can give is to progress to version 5.0

I’ll try and remember to grab the full error message next time, I should known better as that is the first thing I tell anyone I am providing tech support for is can I please have the exact error.