craigslist relay reply

I ended up on a different computer (Win 7) and the newest version of eM Client, and now, when I click on an email exchange reply address on craigslist, eMclient comes up, but it doesn’t automatically bring up a new message with the relay address.  Is this a “pop up” issue (possibly Norton, which I’m new to), or is there something else I can do to remedy this?

Is this with all mailto links, or only those on one specific website?

Oh! I’m so sorry to have missed your reply - thank you so much.  I am not sure, as I most any site I visit has a form to submit rather than popping up an actual email, and I don’t really have a need to email most of the time.  I hope this can be a little helpful and will refresh the site and check it - again, I’m sorry I didn’t see your response! ~denise

That’s OK. Next time it happens, make a note of which website it is. If it only happens with one website, then it most likely means that the mailto links are in a format that eM Client can’t use.

As always, eM Client regularly updates the application to fix issues like this. If you are not on the latest release, visit the Release History and see if there is a newer version. The problem may already have been resolved.

Okay - had another opportunity to try this today and the site offered an email address to make inquiries.  I clicked the email address, but instead of a fresh message popping up with the intended recipient, I was just switched over to the eMclient program.  No email message popped up and no automatically filled in recipient email address. ??  I had to switch back over to firefox and copy the email address switch back to eMClient and click “new message” and paste the address in.  Not okay.

In your reply about the update… I see I have 7.2 and the release history site you sent me to offers and 8.1.  When I clicked my program for check update it immediately stated no update available.  ?  Thanks for any help.

Which version of 7.2?

The most recent version 7 release is 7.2.40748. Please install that and see if there is any difference. 

Version 7.2.37929.0