CPU use 50x higher than Thunderbird


I have exchanged a couple of emails with premium support about this, and they tell me “you don’t have a problem” but based on similar posts here, there clearly is a problem. Em Client uses a ridiculous amount of CPU time resting when it is doing (or should be doing) absolutely nothing.

I have three Gmail IMAP accounts, have synchronization turned off. And still Em Client is always the highest CPU use of any program running. (This says something because I am running high performance financial market software which is processing thousands of realtime transactions per second.)

For comparison purposes, EmC uses 50x the CPU time of Thunderbird ALL THE TIME. It never stops. Same thing on two different computers - one is i7 4.5 Ghz desktop and one is very fast i7 laptop – both have SSD. Both are newly installed Windows 10 64 Home, and with Windows Defender AV.

I am hoping that someone can help me better than support. If not, I will be taking advantage of my 30 day return as this simply does not work for me.


Not me (with gmail). The highest CPU usage (other than loading the program) is about 2.3% and lasts less than 5 seconds and returns to 0%.

What are you using to monitor CPU use? Task Manager is not correct for many applications, and I have found it to be particularly off for EmC. I am using MSFT’s Process Explorer free download. For info on why there are differences, see…


p.s. Another thing to be aware of in Task Manager is that there are two processes. The “app” never shows any CPU to speak of. What is shown as a “background process” is where you see it. In Process Explorer, it’s easier to see when you can group them together.

And what about Memory Usage… Is that normal…

Mine is showing 84 MB for the app and 15 for the background process (from Task Manager). Not sure what the dif might be. I have three Gmail accounts and no chat, calendar, etc.

I have 2 accounts too…

I suppose memory usage should be less than 10 MB for each of them…

Even in process explorer never gets above 3.5% and for a brief period of time.

Memory usage changes all over the place.  Anywhere from 65MB to 250MB.

So I tried uninstalling, deleting the various EMC directories, and reinstalled with a single gmail account. Totally default everything – not one thing was changed. It took a few minutes to download. Then after that, identical CPU problem as before.

I deleted my old accounts before uninstalling. There was no change until all accounts had been deleted. Then the rogue CPU problem went away.

I’m stumped!