CPU usage

I see lots of threads about this going back years but not a lot of solutions. I have been using eM for a few weeks now and it seems my fan is always running when eM is running and when I check the Task Manager, it’s using 30-40% of the CPU.

Are there any new solutions for this?

p.s. Outlook, connected to the exact same Exchange account, on the exact same PC, uses less than 1% of the CPU…

I have seen issues like this in the past and, as you mentioned, no resolution.  I have Gmail (IMAP) and the CPU usage is minimal (approx. 3% when synchronizing and then to 0% when complete).  Do you have the account configured as Exchange?  That seems to be more efficient than using IMAP to connect.

Yes, I have been using hosted accounts with Exchange for a few years, and Outlook since the first versions in the 90’s.

I’ve used IMAP for GMail and other accounts but, in this case, it’s just ONE account, hosted on Exchange via Office 365. Doesn’t get much simpler…

I wondered, because sometimes if you use the automatic install, eM Client configures as IMAP rather than Exchange (I am not an Exchange user, so this is anecdotal information).

The setup was easy, as I would expect from a client that purports to support Exchange (i.e. email and password). If it had not been so easy, I would probably have passed on eM…

My suggestion would be to delete the account and reenter it.  Sometimes this will correct any problems.  If this doesn’t work, you might try deleting the database and create a new one, as sometimes some database corruption can cause issues.  To do this:

1.  Close eM Client
2.  Delete (or rename) the following (hidden) directory:  c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client
3.  Restart eM Client.  This will create a new database
4.  Reenter account information

Thank you but why would I have to do this? I’m evaluating eM as an alternative to Outlook (that I have used for two decades).

Is there any way to determine if there is any corruption, and why?

Unfortunately, corrupt databases are a fact of life. You can try running c:\program files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe, although if you’re not getting error messages, it’s unlikely there is corruption.

Can you indulge me and go to menu\tools\accounts and verify that there is an Exchange tab rather than IMAP?

If eM corrupted its own database in the first week or so then it has more problems than not being able to be a client for Exchange without using 40-50% of my CPU…

I have one account and the tabs are:

Exchange Web Services
Offline Address Book

I’m willing to try things. As I’ve posted before, here, I like some of the features of eM.

btw, it’s 20-30% of the CPU right now and nothing is happening…

The Trash folder has been showing a new “message” for days but there’s nothing in there.

eM seems to have a huge problem syncing with Exchange…

Hoping Gary Curtin will respond. He’s the Exchange expert.

Gary has been helpful but I have been using Exchange for years and there are some issues here (rules, CPU, etc.)

I’m far from an Exchange expert. Generally eM Client works very well with Exchange, but not all Exchange servers are configured the same, and if the server is not properly configured, it could cause some issues.

It’s an “Exchange Online” plan from Office 365, so there’s not much I can configure. I moved my domains and email to Office 365 in 2014 and haven’t had any issues connecting to it with Androids, iPhones, etc. I’ve used Outlook the entire time on my PCs.

I just ran this, a few times. The dialog box say “Checking for corrupted database” with a green checkmark, then “Checking for inconsistent data” for a few seconds, then it goes away. No other messages or acknowledgment that it has done anything…

I just realized how quiet it has been since I closed eM to run DbRepair.exe

I opened eM and the fan started up… :frowning: