CPU on mac m1 sonoma hovers around 100% constantly

EM Client 9.2.2144 on Mac M1 Pro Sonoma 14.2 is constantly around 100%

For myself with Mac Sonoma 14.1.1 and same eM Client version 9.2.2144" when eM Client is normally just quickly checking mail or sending mail etc", it only uses on average “aprox 12-13% cpu” on my Mini Mac M1 with 8 GB Ram and a fast SSD Drive. Then when eM Client is just Idle or minimised, the CPU usage goes right down to 0% and stays there.

So if you are getting constant 99+% cpu usage in your activity monitor as you advised, then either eM Client is “possibly still synching a massive amount of email” and as such tying up the cpu “like if you just added a eg: brand new imap or icloud mail account with miles of folders and thousands of emails etc”, or you might just be low on physical memory or have some slow harddisk problem etc.

So first click the dropdown arrow on the right of “Refresh” button and click “Show Operations” and see if eM Client is still synching alot of mail or mail folders etc. If it is still synching, wait till that is completed and then check the CPU usage percent when its idle.

Now if Show Operations “doesn’t show any activity in eM Client” and you have 99+% cpu usage, then reboot your computer as could then just be an OS Glitch with something currently in resident memory.

Lastly If this issue “has only just started”, you might then just have some error in your eM Client mail database which then eM Client is having trouble reading causing the CPU to be at 99+%. So you could try running the database repair manually to see if that makes any difference.

(To repair the eM Client database manually for Mac)

Close eM Client and then “open the Terminal app via either Launchpad or Utilities” on the Mac. Then Paste and Run the following command. Then once completed, reopen eM Client.

/Applications/eM\ Client.app/Contents/MacOS/eM\ Client /dbrepair

Thanks for your input. I hadn’t changed any accounts in a long time, so it wasn’t download massive amounts of email.

  • I have rebooted.
  • Repaired the database
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled em client.
  • Deleted all accounts.
  • Wiped ~/Library/Application Support/eM Client
  • Connected one gmail account

And after the initial sync, it is now doing nothing, but still consuming around 70-100% CPU power.

And after the initial sync, it is now doing nothing, but still consuming around 70-100% CPU power

Ok all I can suggest then is wait for the next eM Client for Mac update and see if that fixes it via the release history page.

Yesterday’s update to Sonoma 14.2 seems to have solved the issue. Now the CPU actually drops to 0% unless I have an email open with a GIF signature.

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